Development Consulting

Caretenders Retirement Living's two decades of experience developing, acquiring and managing retirement properties across North America have made us experts in the field of community development and a trusted name in the retirement homes industry.

As advisors on new projects, Caretenders expertly guides developers and investors through the legal, operational and financial complexities of development from start to finish, and are a top choice to advise on any project.

The development of a retirement community has hundreds of steps and is a very complex process, but most projects can be broken down into four major parts.


Market Analysis

Having developed thirteen buildings throughout our history, we know every step of the property development process inside and out, and one of the most important aspects of that development is the first step- market analysis. By performing a market feasibility study, we can determine for the developer and potential investors the economic viability of a project and weigh the risks vs. the expected return. 

This information is also invaluable in helping design and market the project. We are better able to determine the physical (suite mix and size, building size, accessibility requirements, etc...), recreational/cultural (desired amenities and activities), and financial (target selling price/rental rates) needs of the community.


Design and Construction

Whether developing a new building, or transitioning an existing facility into a seniors home, Caretenders Retirement Living has the experience to assist any developer with their project.

During the architecture and design phase, we work closely with all of our building professionals to offer guidance on a wide range of development issues based on knowledge that comes from years of developing senior specific properties. From the beginning we work with the architect on all drawings to ensure a functional and attractive design that has an optimal balanced of residential and common space, and provide expertise on creating an ‘age-friendly’ environment for residents.

Once construction is underway, we work with the contractor and other building professionals to ensure that the project is completed in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. We provide close oversight and ongoing consultation to ensure that the project runs smoothly and change orders and associated expenses are minimized.

Most architects, engineers, and contracts have little or no experience in designing and building seniors specific buildings, so it is impertive for developers to ensure they have a team in place that can guide these professionals in the right direction.



Marketing Services        

As consultants on new projects, Caretenders Retirement Living provides and implements the marketing strategy aimed at achieving full occupancy in as short a time period as possible. Our services include the opening of a presentation center and/or show suite to promote the facility prior to completion, the hiring and training of sales staff and the ongoing management of them to ensure that they are hitting their targets.

We also oversee the development of the community's brand, the creation of it's promotional material (brochures, flyers, etc...), the implementation of advertising campaigns, and the adoption of relevant social media.

There are thousands of places that retirement homes can spend their marketing and advertising dollars, but only a small handful provide any significant return on the investment. Let our experienced staff guide your community's marketing efforts so that your marketing dollars get spend efficiently and effectively.


Staffing and Startup

During the final stages of construction, Caretenders prepares the community for it's operational launch. We take our time and very carefully hire all of our management staff, looking for the qualities of experience, compassion, commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication. We then help those managers hire their staff and work with them to create and implement scheduling, policies, procedures, and training programs.

Staff are the most important part of every retirement home because it is their hard work that makes it feel like home for the residents. Your business is to valuable to leave hiring the right staff to chance.