Operations Consulting

As consultants to existing buildings, we draw upon our decades of experience managing properties and employees and use a proven approach that quickly pinpoints trouble spots and applies an effective turn-around solution.

If you are a retirement community owner or management company looking to increase efficiency, hit occupancy targets, rebrand, balance your budget, or become more competitive our experience and commitment to Caring For Your Community makes us unmatched among retirement community consultants.



Market Analysis

For existing facilities looking to increase profit, performing a market analysis can help pinpoint the local financial, demographic and cultural trends that help drive the demand for retirement housing. Obtaining and analyzing this information is crucial in creating a new comprehensive management strategy that takes these factors into account and targets new opportunities while minimizing risk.


Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales is one of the biggest frustrations for most retirement communities. It is very easy to spend a lot of money, but can be difficult to see results. Our philosphy is to invest marketing dollars into the advertising campaigns and staff training that provide the greatest value. Our marketing program can be broken down into three stages.

Lead Generation - We can work with your staff to increase the number of leads generated while maintaining or even decreasing the current marketing budget. We do this through a number of avenues including advertising, public relations,  and referral source management. We also consider ourselves to be the retirement industry leader in using social media and all the other online assets available. Quite simply, more leads = more move-ins.

Lead Conversion - What good are phone/email inquiries or tours if you're not converting these leads into move-ins? First, we will institute systems to manage your leads and track your success rate, which in and of itself usually increases lead conversion. Then the Caretenders Retirement Living team will work with your staff to give them the training and tools to improve their lead conversion rate further using time-tested sales techniques. Increasing lead conversion creates two benefits. First, it increases the number of move-ins for your community. Secondly, with a higher conversion rate you will need less leads, which means you don't need to spend as much money on advertising to maintain your current census.

Resident Retention - There is a cost associated with finding leads and converting those leads into move-ins, so the longer your residents stay in your community the less money you'll have spend on marketing, sales, and vacancy. The Caretenders staff can work with your team to implement strategies to attract younger and healthier residents and keep residents happy.

How much are your vacant suites costing you each month? Call Caretenders and start to fix your census today!




For operational properties looking to increase profit, Caretenders focuses on staffing as one of the key areas where efficiency can be increased through proper training procedures, revamped scheduling and readjusting staffing ratios. Because we believe that our staff are our biggest asset and the most important part of providing a desirable retirement lifestyle for residents, we value their input during building turnarounds and their opinions form a large part of our management strategy.