Our Philosophy- Caring for Your Community

Our philosophy is simple:

We believe in caring for our communities; the ones within our buildings, and the ones outside of them.


How we do this is also simple:

We create retirement homes that are unique and reflective of the communities that they call home so that seniors can be assured that they will flourish before they even walk through our doors.


From the style of our building, to our services, staff and menu, every aspect of a Caretenders community is specifically designed to reflect the culture and values of the surrounding community. By doing so, we are able to make resident’s transition into their new home much less stressful as they find themselves in a familiar environment surrounded by the comforts of their former home.

And just as we consider each of our properties to be unique communities worthy of programs and services designed specifically for them, we see every resident as an individual, not a tenant, and we are committed to providing each resident with personalized service that is reflective of their needs.

We believe that this strategy of unique buildings and flexible services is the key to creating the most desirable retirement setting for everyone involved. Residents can relax as they enjoy high quality care and the benefits of communal living, their families experience peace of mind knowing their loved ones are happy, and staff are able to treat each individual as a friend and form genuine relationships with them and their families.



Through this commitment to providing residents with a unique community designed around their values, Caretenders is Caring For Your Community.