Vernon Miller- The Experience

With over three decades of experience, Vern is one of the most accomplished executives in the retirement home industry. His areas of expertise are widely varied and include financial analysis, property acquisition, project development, and financing.

Before founding Caretenders in 1988, Vern held senior executive positions with Extendicare and Beacon Hill Lodges Limited, where he gained his thorough knowledge of the North American industry and a skill set that has allowed Caretenders to flourish as a small company in a sea of large ones. Today, he has largely stepped back from the day-to-day operations of Caretenders' existing facilities to focus on the development of new projects. However, he still provides valuable input to the rest of the Caretenders team, particularly in legal and financial matters.


Cindy Makarenko- The Problem Solver  

Cindy began her career with Caretenders as the manager of The Cherry Park Retirement Residence in Penticton, B.C.. As development of The Highlands Retirement Residence in Kelowna, B.C. progressed Cindy passed an increasingly larger share of her responsibilities in Penticton to her assistant manager in order to allow her to work with Caretenders staff to prepare The Highlands for its opening. Eventually she transitioned to manage The Highlands on a full time basis and following that was later promoted to regional manager, overseeing the four facilities Caretenders was operating in B.C. at the time.

Today she is our VP of Operations, overseeing the day to day activities in all of our facilities. Her experience “on the ground” has provided invaluable insight into everyday operations and as we like to say in our head office “if there is a problem Cindy hasn’t seen before, then nobody has seen it.” She is responsible for creating and updating operational manuals and policy as well as aiding our onsite facility managers in troubleshooting. Cindy probably has a better understanding of current operational issues than anyone else in the business.



Christy Graham- The Details


Christy is responsible for all aspects of Caretenders and its facilities’ accounting systems, and also oversees the administrative functions as well as company-wide human resources policies.

Enthusiastic and probably the most indispensible member of Caretenders, prior to her time with us Christy ran her own business, which familiarized her with all the details of business management and developed her multitasking skills. Her supreme attention to detail ensures that nothing gets overlooked and her personable manner allows her to have a close and amiable working relationship with all of the administrative staff in our facilities.