While we give our all to provide our residents with the best locations, services and staff, we know that in the end, what makes our residences so special, are our seniors themselves.



The community spirit that is so strong at each of our residences makes up the true heart of our buildings and creates benefits that we could not recreate if we tried.


Those benefits include a healthy and vibrant living environment where residents are engaged in their community, and emotionally healthy seniors who thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to spend their time the company of great friends.


So what do we do to support this community spirit? We form personal relationships with each and every resident so that we can create the most desirable retirement lifestyle for them, one catered to their needs, preferences and personality. By doing our part to keep each and every resident feeling their best, our seniors are able to relax and enjoy the benefits of community living, which is what Caring For Your Community really means.

Please continue reading to get a first-hand account from current residents of how Caretenders has enhanced their retirement lifestyle and offered peace of mind to themselves, and their families.



The Highlands Retirement Residence- Kelowna, British Columbia


Paul Prochera - Resident since 2010

When I first arrived at the Highlands from another facility, I was in poor health. Within weeks of arriving, my health was back up thanks to Lorie's nutritional meals that she makes using high quality, local ingredients; the change is unbelievable.


Marion Fedoruk- Resident since 2006

The Highlands truly feels like home to me; I feel a sense of belonging here, and at my age, that is the most important thing.


Queens Avenue Retirement Residence- Oakville Ontario


Helen Stalport- Resident since 2000

Throughout my 11 years here, the staff has been exceptional and very helpful, and it is nice knowing there is someone here for me if I fall or am feeling unwell. My family too, is very pleased that they do not have to worry about me living on my own anymore.


Jean Stitt- Resident since 2011

I have just recently moved into Queens Avenue and I am already proud and pleased to call it home. Staff and residents have welcomed me warmly and continue to ask how I am settling in and if they can help me in any way. As well, the many activities and programs available here make it easy to have a very rewarding and stimulating life if you choose to participate and overall I feel blessed to be here. 


Bridge Street Retirement Residence- Belleville, Ontario


Norma Watson- Respite stay resident in  2010 

I appreciate the excellent care which I received at Bridge Street while recovering from my fall;  the services were carried out in a very professional manner and Denise and her staff were very caring people, which means a lot when you are away from home; thanks so much for caring. 


Daughter of resident Bonnie Button- Resident since 2010

The Bridge Street Retirement Residence has given our mother a new lease on life. She was failing, both physically and mentally, living alone in her own home. Although she was reluctant to move into a retirement residence, the transition has been seamless. The Bridge Street facilities are attractive and inviting, and the staff is kind, caring and on a first name basis with all of the residents. This warmth creates a very homey atmosphere for those who live there, as well as their family members and guests. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders as we no longer have to worry about her; she is happy and we owe our peace of mind to the Bridge Street Retirement Residence.